Official INON UK Authorised Dealers and Academies offer both expertise and backup.

That’s how INON UK official dealers will help you succeed as an underwater photographer. This level of equipment advice and ongoing underwater photography techniques support is only available through official INON UK Dealers and Academies.

Underwater photography is an increasingly popular activity among divers and snorkelers, but it is also one of the most difficult photographic disciplines to master. Many people return from expensive once in a lifetime holidays with disappointing images.

INON UK recognises that underwater photography, even at snapshot level, is a photographic specialty, not a diving one. When it comes to recommending the right equipment, dive shops often lack the technical camera knowledge and camera shops struggle to understand the diving element. Both can also find it difficult to access all of the equipment needed to complete your underwater camera system, forcing you to not only mix and match kit, but also suppliers too. INON UK also supplies Olympus underwater camera equipment, enabling you to combine two leading underwater camera brands from your one stop INON UK underwater photography specialist.