INON UK is the only underwater camera equipment company in the United Kingdom and Eire that extensively trains dive shop staff to properly advise their customers about the relationship between the environment, subject and the underwater camera equipment needed to shoot it. Many of our dealers are also INON UK Academies and offer official INON UK underwater photography courses as well. We’re choosy about who we work with. INON is an incredibly successful brand with a stellar reputation and lots of people want to sell it – but only official INON UK dealers offer you full INON UK support. Unlike ordinary dive shops and terrestrial camera shops, INON UK official dealers are really underwater photography centres.

INON makes more than 500 underwater photographic products. With such an extensive equipment range, you can select the combination of kit that perfectly suits your style of underwater photography, your future aspirations and your budget. Even the ergonomics are adjustable to ensure your personal underwater camera is as comfortable to hold and responsive to shoot as possible. Your official INON UK dealer is there to ensure you get equipment specifically tailored to meet your individual needs as an underwater photographer. They are as much a part of the INON UK system of ensuring your success as an underwater photographer as the INON equipment itself.

INON UK official dealers undergo two full days of intensive product training with INON UK principals Lisa Collins or Steve Warren. No other companies involved in distributing underwater camera equipment in the UK and Eire and very few, if any, diving equipment distributors provide this level of training. INON UK’s required product training covers three elements, which, when combined, are what ensure INON UK customers receive the best advice. The most cost effective way to shoot underwater images, as any pro will tell you, is not to waste money buying the wrong equipment.

Firstly, we review the actual role of the equipment and its benefit to the customer. Underwater photography is much more equipment dependent than taking pictures on land. This is due to the effects of water, which reflects, absorbs, diffuses, scatters and refracts light. All photography, whether land or underwater, depends upon light to create an image. The way in which water adversely affects light is covered in detail in our INON UK Level One underwater photography course. Our INON UK dealers review environmental factors because it’s only by thoroughly understanding these factors that they can properly advise you on which equipment will best overcome these challenges. Environmental conditions plus your choice of subject will all factor into which camera, strobe, video light, lens and lighting arms your INON UK photopro will recommend.

Secondly we go through in detail the features and benefits of INON underwater camera equipment. Thorough knowledge of INON UK products ensures your INON UK dealer can talk you through the pros and cons of similar items all of which, at first glance, might seem to suit your needs. For instance the differences between INON strobes can seem quite subtle. Power, coverage, recycling time and exposure control are broadly similar between all INON high performance flashguns. Your best choice might depend on whether you use gloves, the preflash characteristics of your cameras built in flash and some of the other options tucked away in your cameras flash sub menus.

Thirdly we show our official INON UK dealers how to help you set up your chosen INON equipment. This does not just mean how something like a lens actually attaches, but important tips like which autofocus modes to use with which INON lenses for different subjects, for example. Information, and the rationale behind it, often makes the difference between an out of focus near miss and a really great photograph.

Your official INON UK dealer is someone who can really support your efforts as an underwater photographer. You’ll return to them time after time for their invaluable advice on improving your underwater images.