Martin Edge Explains Why He Only Uses INON Strobes

Martin edge small

11 years ago I was persuaded by Steve Warren from Ocean Optics, now partner in INON UK to trial a flashgun that I'd had never heard of. The flashgun was spelt 'INON' but to vocalise this word was confusing. I-non, In-on. I'm still unsure of the correct pronunciation today. The prenunciation is my only uncertainty with this product!

Back in the day I shot underwater with a combination of Nikon SLR film cameras and at the time the recently released innovation of a Nikon Digital SLR camera. My first INON flash experience was with a INON 220. It came complete with a small built-in spotting light, a generous number of individual power settings and a diffuser.

If we fast forward to present day…… I am still using my pair of INON 220's. They have never once misfired, flooded or let me down in any way whatsoever. Some years ago whilst shooting indoor illustration images for my book The Underwater Photographer and quite by accident I stumbled on the fact that with the diffusers attached, the beam angle of the INON 220/240's was at least 160 degrees. Their huge beam width/angle has always been ideal for my style of fish-eye images. I'm still using Dx camera systems and I favour the combination of my Tokina 10mm-17mm ultra wide angle with both my INON 220's and 240's.

Cut to the chase, I use INON flashguns exclusively for all my work. I use my ancient 220's for teaching purposes. I use my INON 240's when I need a brighter torch beam for shooting macro and close up's.

I've recently added to my collection two small compact INON S- 2000's. (You will know this model by their vivid red colour). My INON S- 2000's are my first choice macro flash. They're small, compact, reliable. Their recharge time with my Lithium batteries (non rechargeable s) are more than ample.

I cannot praise INON flashguns enough. I've said it many before and I'll say it again - INON are (in my humble opinion) the best flashgun on the market.

Martin Edge is one of the world’s most respected underwater photography educators. His book The Underwater Photographer is in its 4th edition and is considered the bible by novice and professional underwater image-maker’s alike. It is INON UK’s required instructor text. Martin has written a monthly column on taking better underwater pictures for Sport Diver Magazine for over twenty years. His workshops in UK and overseas are regularly oversubscribed and his presentations at dive shows and other events draw appreciative crowds.