Canon Powershot G7X Mk11 and Wide-Angle Lens Compatibility

INON have announced that the Canon Powershot G7X Mk11 and Canon WP-DC55 housing are compatible with the existing LD Lens Adapter Base DC54 for the original G7X, which is now renamed LD Lens Adapter Base DC54/55. Canon are one of the most popular brands of compact cameras among underwater photographers.

The G series are high end compacts offering many useful features but have traditionally been problematic to use with conventional underwater wide-angle conversion lenses. The G7X Mk11 is no exception! When matching underwater wide-angle conversion lenses to the cameras host lens, it is not as simple as just being able to physically attach the conversion lens to your housing. The optics between the host lens and conversion lens have to precisely match or you will see vignetting and soft results. INON’s UWL-H100 wide-angle conversion lenses have a superb reputation, but INON do not consider them compatible with some cameras, including the Powershot G7X Mk11. A special lens, the INON UWL-S100 ZM80 is recommended for the G7X Mk11.

Like the UWL-H100, this is a 100 degree super wide-angle lens and, also like the H100, can be upgraded at any time with a dome port for semi-fisheye photography. It is important to understand that while the INON UWL-H100 is an excellent lens that we obviously regard as best in class, most competitive lenses follow broadly similar optical designs. So we would expect them to also exhibit marred results if used with the G7X MK11. The INON UWL-S100 ZM80 is a unique optical design that overcomes the limitations of conventional underwater wide-angle conversion lenses for users of the Canon Powershot G7X MK11 and other ‘difficult’ cameras.