underwater photographer
The Underwater Photographer 4th Edition

Easily understood, yet encyclopaedic in its scope, Martin Edge’s book is considered by many to be the bible for underwater photographers and is INON UK’s recommended text for INON UK instructor candidates. Martin is one of the best-known underwater photography educators in the business. He has written a monthly column detailing how to take better underwater photographs for Sport Diver Magazine for over 20 years and has won many awards for his own underwater imaging. He was the 2006 recipient of the Visions in the Sea award for outstanding contributions to underwater photography.

Running to over 500 pages, The Underwater Photographer is lavishly illustrated. Among the six specialist authors Martin seconded to this project are INON UK principal, instructor/trainer and Level One course co–designer Steve Warren and Mark Koekemoer , INON UK instructor/trainer, co-designer of the INON UK Level One underwater photography course and designer of the INON UK Level Two Underwater Lighting course. Mark is also the owner of underwater photography equipment retailer The Underwater Camera Company.

Chapter summary

Principles of u/w photography

Digital compacts by Mark Koekemoer - The Underwater Camera Company

SLRs and housings by Steve Warren – INON UK principal

Diving to take photos

The mindset of successful underwater photographers

All about lighting

Composition underwater

Close up and macro

Wide angle

Temperate waters

Creating an individual style

Developing a workflow system