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INON UK – Connecting you to the top specialists in under water photography training

INON UK accredited underwater photography instructors provide you with the best opportunity to learn from a specialist in underwater photography education. They understand that underwater photography is not a diving specialty, but a photographic one. Only our accredited instructors, working through official INON UK dealers, academies and tour operators, can teach you the highly respected INON UK Level One beginner to intermediate underwater photography course, the first in the world to be approved by a leading manufacturer of underwater camera equipment. Our INON UK course designers and our INON UK accredited instructors include some of the highest achievers in the field of underwater imaging. For this reason, INON UK actively encourages our underwater photography instructors to modify and exceed our course guidelines to better meet the individual needs of their students. After all, when your underwater photography instructors are as good as INON UK’s are, why confine their teaching talents?

INON UK works with exceptional underwater photographers to bring you the best possible underwater photography training. The result for you is better underwater pictures. INON UK underwater photography instructors include members who have written best selling books on underwater photography techniques, penned destination guidebooks, work as professional underwater photo–journalists and have filmed for national TV.

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