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Getting The Most From Your INON Underwater Strobe with INON UK’s Steve Warren

An underwater strobe is an essential tool for most underwater photographers. At its most basic it is used to provide illumination and restore colour. However, strobes also let you light your underwater photographs creatively to accentuate textures, introduce shadows and highlights to add drama and to darken backgrounds to hide distractions, or give your subject more impact. But many divers are frustrated by the difficulties of mastering their strobe. There are lots of reasons for the confusion, many caused by intimidating jargon and complicated camera menus. To help you get the most from your INON underwater strobe and obtain the best underwater pictures possible, right from the start, INON UK has designed a thorough INON UK strobe users mini–course. This course, taught by INON UK’s Steve Warren, will help you easily take control of your INON strobe and personal camera by providing simple to follow guidelines that will ensure early success. In addition, you’ll learn lots of useful insider tips you’ll need for advanced and creative INON strobe photography.

Just some of the topics covered in this half - day classroom seminar

Preparing your strobe – synchronisation – selecting camera menu flash settings – understanding strobe power and range - manual exposure – auto exposure – how to compensate auto exposure ISO - S- TTL – when to use EV controller – understanding beam angles- widening the beam – selective lighting – diffusers and snoots – colour temperature adjustment – strobe filters - white balance – high speed sequential shooting - modelling lights - focus lights – dual strobes – mixing strobes and video lights – off camera lighting - sync cables – preventing backscatter – achieving even lighting - preventative maintenance

Please note – priority and preferential pricing is given to clients of INON UK official dealers. A list of INON UK official dealers can be found on our website INON underwater strobes purchased through INON UK official dealers also have a free two-year extended warranty. Not all INON strobes sold in the UK are supplied through INON UK, INON Japan’s appointed sole UK agent. Some are sourced through shops overseas and then sold on again in the UK without making it clear that INON UK support isn’t available.

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