INON UK Single/Combination Workshops - Lembeh Resort from 24th May to 31st May 2019 and Siladen Resort, Sulawesi, Indonesia from 31st May to 8th June 2019

We are happy to have announce we have organised small group, personalised teaching, single/combination workshops at Lembeh Resort, in Lembeh Straits, and Siladen Resort & Spa, in Bunaken, giving the perfect balance for macro and wide angle underwater photography. Participants can decide whether they would like to just book one or the other workshop or do both together.

The workshops are designed to help your underwater photography come on leaps and bounds, giving you opportunity of learning new techniques and honing skills you may already have from the last workshop and practicing, but also giving you the opportunity to dive the optimum way for underwater photographers in places that have incredible marine life and reefs.

For Lembeh we would concentrate more on fish portraiture and macro (including constant light and snooting - we have snoots for guests to use if they don't have their own), although we would also do some close focus wide angle, and then for Siladen more on wide angle and controlling sunlight, with a little macro thrown in for good measure :).

We aim to do two dives each day, usually in the morning, followed by either a presentation or photo clinic and photo editing in the late afternoon/early evening, with tasks being set every 2nd day. This gives 4 dives per task instead of the 2 in previous workshop. We thought there would be more time for reviews on the big screen, followed by another day to put into practice any areas that need work on.

There will be time available for you to add a 3rd dive each day if you would like, although this would be at extra cost and not part of the workshop (although the practice is always good, and we know other guests have requested to be able to do this 3rd dive). We will not be diving the 3rd dive, but will be offering personal/individual photo critiques and teaching at this time to guests in the classroom, if they would like it, whilst others may be doing a 3rd dive or taking the opportunity to relax. We will also be performing small group teaching underwater, in groups of 2-3 participants during a dive, to aid in more personalised problem solving and composition advice underwater.

Prices from £1550pp.

For more information please email Lisa at info@inonuk.com.